Tell ALDI Survey at to Win $100 Gift Card

The TellALDI Survey is a customer satisfaction survey conducted by the grocery store chain ALDI. The survey is designed to gather feedback from customers about their recent shopping experience at ALDI stores. The feedback is used to improve the customer experience and make ALDI stores even better.

TellAldi is a long chain of supermarkets operating across 20 different countries. Established by Theo Albrecht and Karl in July 1946, Aldi has successfully provided everyone with the best service and products. Aldi was divided into two groups during the 1960s, Aldi Nord and Sud.  Currently, it has its headquarters in two parts of Germany, i.e., Essen and Mulheim. It serves more than 11,000 stores in different places. To learn more about it, you’ll have to go to the official website of 

Tell Aldi Survey Official Survey

Tell Aldi has the same purpose of surveying every other survey, i.e., to measure the satisfaction level of the customers based on their recent visiting experience to their place, to have the ratings and reviews for their staff, services, and products. A survey shows precisely what is lacking in the products and services, what is to be improved, and what’s the best. Therefore, a survey plays a crucial role in enhancing everything. 

Tell Aldi Survey Official

Tell ALDI Survey at to Win $100 Gift Card

Tell Aldi is an online questionnaire that asks about your prior visiting experience at the Aldi supermarket and lets you write your queries to them. Providing them with your honest opinions and suggestions helps them improve the services and products in a true sense. Whether the feedback is good or bad, they always appreciate honesty and reward you for it. 

Tellaldi 🤑 ALDI Survey at - Win $100 Gift .


You can fill out the Tell Aldi survey by visiting and logging in to The reward you receive for filling out this survey is £100 vouchers or gift cards from which you can enjoy free shopping. 

To take the survey, you have to meet specific requirements, these are:

  • To take the survey, you must have a valid email address, a smartphone, and a stable internet connection.
  • An Aldi store purchase receipt and a unique code for the online survey must be with you. 

Here are some of the necessary survey details: 

  • Survey name: Aldi Satisfaction Survey 
  • Age limit: 18 years and above
  • Eligibility: One minimum purchase required 
  • Receipt expiry: 7 days 
  • Reward: £100 Vouchers
  • Entry by: Mail or Online 
  • Access limited: One person only 
  • Official survey website: 


We have provided you with the step-by-step procedure to enter the survey without hassle. 

  •  The first step is to go to the survey website of Tell Aldi, i.e., 
  • Once you’ve reached the website, you must thoroughly read the page’s instructions, rules, and conditions. 
  • You need to enter the TellAldi survey code on your Aldi receipt. 
  • Click Next, and you’ll land on the survey page. You will be asked a series of questions about your experience with the staff, the environment of the place, the products, and the services. You have to provide the answers to everything with utmost honesty. 
  • Give accurate ratings to the products and services of TellAldi. 
  • After answering everything, you must fill up your essential information like name, email ID, phone number, address, etc. 
  • Now submit everything to join the TellAldi Sweepstakes contest. 
  • You will be sent a message regarding your entrance into the contest.
  • Now, you have to wait for the administrator of the sweepstakes to announce the final winners.
  • You can check the winner’s name on the official survey website later. 


Besides the online customer feedback survey at, there is an alternative way to enter the survey. This way, you don’t have to purchase anything beforehand and don’t need any purchase receipt code. You have to mail all the necessary details. The details you need to send are your name, address, state, City, phone number, zip code or pin code, and birth date. You can mail everything to the Aldi Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes. 


There are various rules that you need to follow; most importantly, these are: 

  • Only UK residential persons can participate in the survey. 
  • You should be 18 or above the age. Minors can’t take part in it and win the reward. 


You must first fulfill specific terms and conditions to participate in the survey and win a reward. These are: 

  • You can take the survey only within 7 days after your last visit. 
  • You cannot participate in the survey if you are an Aldi employee.
  • The prize can only be provided to you; it is impossible to transfer it to somebody else. 
  • Each receipt can only be used once within 7 days and can’t be reused. 


Apart from everything else, the Aldi feedback survey also provides a fantastic reward for your honesty and loyalty as a customer. If you are lucky, you will win gift cards and vouchers worth £100 at minimum or even more up to £2000. You can redeem and shop at your nearest Aldi supermarket for items worth £100. Though you cannot redeem the prize for cash or anything, it is still worth it.


There are 12 entry periods in total during the year. In each period, 25 winners are selected among all the divisions of Aldi. The selection is done randomly among all the eligible entries. The winners’ names are announced and displayed on the official survey website; anyone can check the names from there. 


If you have any, you can write your queries and your complaints at the website. The Aldi will get back to you as soon as possible if you send your query during working hours and not holidays. You can write or call them from Monday to Saturday between 8 am to 8 pm. Aldi’s customer service phone number is given on the website itself.

In conclusion, the TellAldi customer feedback Survey not only helps improve the quality of the products and services of the store but also proves your loyalty as a customer. Thus, it is most important to give your honest opinions and suggestions about the supermarket you last visited. Aldi welcomes and appreciates good and lousy feedback until it is true and provided honestly. 


Q; What is 

A: The is a customer satisfaction survey designed to measure the satisfaction level and to know about their previous experience at the Aldi supermarket. This survey asked questions about the products and services they provide, the staff behavior, the environment, and everything regarding the supermarket. They also let the customers write their queries if they have any. Negative as well as positive, both kinds of feedback are appreciated and welcomed as long as they are honest and accurate.

Q: Is a purchase necessary to enter the survey? 

A- It depends on how you are filling out the survey. For the online survey, you must have a purchase receipt code, meaning one minimum purchase from the store is a must. But if you are mailing it, you don’t need any receipt code or purchase anything. 

Q: What is the Aldi Sweepstakes Contest entry period? 

The period to enter the contest starts by January 1st and lasts till December 31st every year. 

 Q: What are the entry methods? 

A: There are two ways to enter the survey. You can take it on the official TellAldi website with your receipt code, or you can mail your details without purchasing from the store. 

Q: Can we still participate in the survey if we lose the receipt? 

A: No, if you lose the receipt, you won’t have the code required for the survey. Thus, you won’t be able to enter an online survey. 

 Q: What’s the ARV of Aldi Survey prizes? 

A: The total ARV of the Aldi Customer Satisfaction Survey is 30,000. 

 Q: Is there any other way to enter the survey than the online one at 

A: Yes, other than the online customer feedback survey, you can enter the survey by mailing your details, and you don’t even need a receipt or purchase anything before that. 

 Q: What survey rewards will we receive? 

A: There are 300 winners selected each year, i.e., 25 per month for the survey. Every winner is provided with a £100 gift card or voucher. Those gift cards can be redeemed and enjoyed for free shopping at any Aldi supermarket in the UK. The gift cards are sent to the winner’s provided address via the USPS mailing service within 4 weeks of the official winning announcement. 

 Q: Will I win the contest even if I give negative feedback? 

A: It doesn’t matter if your feedback is good or bad; the only thing that matters the most is your honesty. If you are eligible for the survey according to the terms & conditions and you’ve provided your honest opinion, you will surely win the contest and your reward of free shopping worth £100.

 Q: How often can I use my receipt and the code to participate in the survey? 

A: You can only use your receipt once in 7 days after your last visit to an Aldi supermarket. Once you have used it, you can’t re-use the same receipt code again; it will be shown as invalid. However, you can make a purchase again at the Aldi supermarket and use your new receipt to enter the survey. 

 Q: Where can I check the winner’s name for the sweepstakes contest? 

 A: If you want to check out the winner’s names, you can visit the official website of TellAldi and find the names displayed on the very first page, along with the rules, terms, conditions, etc. 

Q: Where can I find an Aldi supermarket? 

A: You can find more than 11,000 Aldi supermarkets all over the UK, with its headquarters at Essen and Mulheim in Germany.

Q: When and who founded Aldi? 

A: It was founded in July 1946, 76 years ago, by Karl and Theo Albrecht.

Q: What does Aldi serve? 

A: The Aldi supermarkets in the UK serve many things, such as fresh meat, gourmet cheese, gluten-free products, seafood, and several on-trend items.

Q: When was the name Aldi given?

A:  The Albrecht brothers changed the business’s name in the 1960s to Aldi. Aldi derives its name from the Albrecht Discount.

Q: Where is the headquarters of Aldi? 

Answer- You can find the Aldi headquarters operating at two places in Germany. One is in Essen and the other in Mulheim.

Q: How to win the Aldi sweepstakes? 

A: The winners of the sweepstakes contest are announced within 15 working days after you’ve participated and sent your survey answers with details. The winners’ names are drawn randomly from all the eligible entries, and they win gift cards and prizes from $100 up to $2,000.

Q: How many winners are selected in the Aldi gift card giveaway? 

A:  25 winners are selected in the Aldi sweepstakes gift card contest or monthly giveaway. Thus, a total of 300 lucky winners receive their rewards every year. The prizes they win are sent to them at their respective addresses through the USPS mail service.

Q: Can we redeem the gift card we win for cash or anything else? 

A: No, it is impossible to redeem your £100 gift card or vouchers for cash or in any other form. You can only shop for free items worth £100 in any of the Aldi supermarkets near you.

Q: What is the minimum age limit to enter the survey? 

A:  You must be at least 18 years old or above to give feedback in the survey and win gift cards and vouchers. Minors are not eligible for this survey; their entry will be considered invalid, and they won’t win anything.

Q: How many times can I participate in the survey? 

Answer- There is a specific time limit for people to take the Tell Aldi survey and win prizes. People can only participate once every 12 weeks and need one minimum purchase from the Aldi supermarket each time.

Q: Is the Aldi supermarket chain separated into two groups? 

Answer: Yes, Aldi was separated in the 1960s by the Albrecht brothers. The two parts, Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud, both have their headquarters operating at the present day in Essen and Mulheim in Germany, UK.

Q: How many stores are there in total? 

A: Aldi has been operating in more than 11,000 stores or supermarkets all over the UK, with its headquarters in Essen and Mulheim, Germany. You can find the nearest Aldi supermarket and shop and enjoy their fantastic products and services.